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An Insight into System Windows and Doors

Source: Fenestration China       Time:2016/07/25 03:01:54       Views:412 次

It has been nearly two decades since the concept of System was introduced into China in the 1990s. System began to reign over the fenestration industry in 2012 and to date there is almost no window or door that is not in a System. So, what is System? What kind of doors and windows qualify as System? What is the difference between System windows and doors and windows and doors System? What does a system development mode well suited to the Chinese market look like? General Technical Requirements for System windows and doors are seeking approval to become national standards after years of research. This session will allow every audience present to steal a march and get an insight into System windows and doors prior to the implementation of the new standards. During this session, Hongtao Wang, President of China Academy Of Building Research will analyze the general technical specification for systematized doors and windows. Joune Liu from Technoform Bautec (Suzhou) Thermal Insulation Materials Co., Ltd will elaborate on the industrie 4.0 and impact of industrie 4.0 on doors and windows company systematic operation mode. Gang Liu from YKK (China) Investment Co., Ltd will introduce the advantages of system doors and windows in the context of housing industrialization. Yi Zhong from Broad Homes Industrial International Co., Ltd. is going to introduction to precast concrete doors and windows. Finally, Michael Spencer from Dowell Windows will give a speech on the subject of more is less.