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Parameter and Smart Oriented Curtain Wall

Source: Fenestration China       Time:2016/07/25 03:05:36       Views:324 次

The demand for building energy efficiency has stimulated upgrade and technical innovations of curtain walls, the outer skin of modern buildings. The use of BIM system has catalyzed radical changes in the fenestration industry. Meanwhile, as the demographic dividend tapers off, industrialization supersedes labor-intensive production and Architectural Industrialization is an unavoidable topic speaking of the future development of the industry. When houses are being built in a way like automobile manufacturing, how to adapt doors, windows and curtain walls accordingly? During this session,  Meng Genbaoligao from CNYD will share his understanding of the road of curtain wall towards intelligence. Yuqi Liu from Rtw-L- Tianjin Engineering Management Consulting Co., Ltd will introduce BIM and the application of multimedia technology in the case of curtain wall engineering management. Fescaj Wang from East China Architectural Design & Research Institute is going to discussion on contemporary architectural skin design techniques from the perspective of technical aesthetics. Ren Jiang from China Academy Of Building Research will present a Curtain Wall Bim Information Extraction And Model Simulation. Finally, Stefan Kling from HUECK GMBH & CO. KG will give a speech on smart solutions for facade design and construction.