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Talk to Architects 2016

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Along with new developments in science and technology, peoples’ abstract thinking, aesthetic standards and openness to new things are taken to the next level. Widely used digital and computer technologies have enabled giant leaps in contemporary architectural design in terms of the way of thinking and design achievements. In the meantime, building skin, which embodies the beauty of buildings, is no longer a secondary consideration in architectural aesthetics, but gaining importance consistently along with social changes after the beginning of the information era. Significant progresses are seen in the design of building skin, inspired by the complexity of science. Nonlinear building skin design is exactly a specific application of the theory of nonlinear architecture. Nonlinear architecture is now not only gaining popularity, but also becoming a synonym for avant-garde architecture. One irregular-shaped building rising after another brings us closer to this ongoing architectural trend. For better or worse, they do change the appearance of cities significantly and stay at the center of attention.

Talk to Architects will feature the topic Nonlinear Building Skin Design and Construction this year. Architects will seek to introduce comprehensive knowledge of nonlinear building skin, from its concept to functions, significance and construction method, and analyze the design approach and material expression of contemporary nonlinear building skin.