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Matchmaking Meeting - Realtors and Window Suppliers

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Organizer: Beijing International UnionExpo Co., Ltd.  
Co-organizer of Group 1:
Co-organizer of Group 2:
Time: Nov. 10th,2016 
Location: VIP LOUNGE Matching Zone, NCIEC, Beijing
Address: 88 Tianzhu Road, Shunyi District, Beijing, 101318, P.R. China

Since 2015, China’s window and door market has entered into the reshuffling period: the real estate industry is not prosperous, the engineering is not getting started as supposed to, the market is shrinking, and as a result, the window and door companies that feed on project installation mainly have suffered a huge impact; some companies did not value quality and offered low price and quality in exchange for quantity, which has made upgrading and transformation difficult. A large number of companies are in bankruptcy or at the edge of one.

Should we stand still and await our doom or should we seek breakthroughs? On the one hand, China’s economic growth rate still maintains at a high range speed, so investment is still one of the major drivers of economic growth going forward; on the other, the increasingly accelerated urbanization will boost the future’s real estate market subject to the rule of unstoppable economic convergence. In the meanwhile, profits in real estate industry keep declining, so with a high pressure to control procurement costs, an increasing number of real estate companies tended to have strategic and centralized procurement by seeking vendors with an upper hand in order to gain better products and services. In addition, they tend to formulate partnership with vendors and grow as an aggregate.

FC Matchmaking Meeting - Realtors and Window Suppliers will invite prominent real estate companies that have demands for strategic and centralized procurement, who share the recognition of high quality for windows and doors, to come to the largest fenestration exhibition in China---Fenestration China, with the chance to observe installation techniques and construction methods for the excellent fenestration products that represent the leading edge of this industry and at the same time to check the procurement demands released and to have face to face talk with the suppliers of such quality products on site at FC.

Schedule of Realtors-Suppliers Matching Conference
This match making meeting will be divided into 2 groups, the real estate companies of which shall not overlap, and all window and door companies for installation demo can attend both groups.

Group 1 Matchmaking: 


Check in


Introduction to the first group members


Speech by guest speaker

9:40am- 12:00pm

The first session




Visit Fenestration China for the windows and doors of new designs and new technologies

Group 2 Matchmaking: 


Visit Fenestration China for the windows and doors of new designs and new technologies




Check in


Introduction to the second group members


Speech by guest speaker


The second session

Notes: This Realtors-Suppliers Matching Conference is open exclusively to exhibitors attending Fenestration China 2016. 

How to Apply
Please give us a call or email us for detailed application information. 
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