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Show Report of FC2016

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Fenestration China (FC for short) is Asia’s No.1 and world’s No.2 professional complex in fenestration industry, which consists of exhibition, conferences and concurrent events. During the past 14 years, FC has been focusing on products, technologies and practical solutions in fenestration industry and innovation of business models, and serving as the platform for business cooperation and information exchange. 

1. Key Numbers and Figures

FC 2016 was successfully held from Nov. 9-12th, 2016 at China International Exhibition Center (New Venue) in Beijing, and set a new record: a total of 580 exhibitors, including 181 (31%) international exhibitors from nearly 20 countries/regions were presented in 7 exhibition halls covering an exhibiting area of 100,000sqm, and attracted 80,576 professional visits from more than 49 countries/regions, among which 5,236 visits were international ones. 

Data of the last 5 years:

2. Fenestration China Exhibitors

Compared with last year, the number of exhibitors this year has risen to 580 from 522, increasing by 11%.

According to the data statistics of FC 2016, 31% (181) of the exhibitors are international enterprises, and Belgian and German Pavilions brought the latest products and technologies from Europe. In addition, a tendency  also shows that international enterprises are paying more attention and making more investments in China market. 

2.1 Exhibitor Category



Windows and Doors     


Windows and Doors, Curtain Wall Processing Machines


Hardware Fittings






Architectural Glasses


Screen Windows


Thermal insulation Materials




Curtain Walls






◆The categories of the exhibits cover the whole windoor industry chain, among which the number of finished doors and windows, supporting products such as sunshading products and screen windows increases significantly.

◆ High-performance, smart, and functional windows and doors are attractive in FC 2016. In addition, the windows and doors in FC 2016 also have innovative progress in their appearance. 

2.2 Exhibitors' Purposes

Fenestration China has long been a reflection of China’s fenestration market. FC 2016 has witnessed numerious customized products for retail market as well as a large portion of new windows and doors products for the construction market. This tells us what’s happening in China’s window industry: in additon to make more investments in the construction market, many windoor enterprises also make more efforts to do business in the retail market through:
•designing products specifically for the retail market
•expanding dealer channels
2.3 Satisfaction Survey of the Exhibitors

•Serving as a tie between the suppliers and the demanders, FC 2016 is a powerful platform where numerous business deals have been signed.
•In addition, FC 2016 is also a great opportunity for exhibitors to advocate their brands.
•A vast majority of exhibitors are very satisfied with the results they achieved in FC 2016 and determine to participate in Fenestration China 2017 to be held in Shanghai.  

Exhibitors’ Comments

It is the third time that WICONA joined FC since 2014. This exhibition has provided exhibitors with a great platform where we can communicate with all the insiders, which effectively promotes the development of the whole industry. We hope Fenestration China will be more successful in the future.

——SAPA Building Systems

An Excellent exhibition! As you know, It is the first time for Kaban to attend Fenestration China and we are looking for distributors. There are so many distributors and we will do some comparison and then make the final decision.


In addition to promote products, Fenestration China also plays a vital role in market expansion and information exchange. For Roto Frank, it is a best opportunity to show our products as well as our enterprise culture.

——Roto Frank

Technoform, as an old friend of Fenestration China, has participated in FC exhibition for 11 years. It is fortunate for Technoform to see the growth and development of FC from the very beginning, and now FC has become a great annual event that cannot be missed out for the enterprises in the fenestration industry. Although the macro-economy is not good, FC, with its innovative thinking and great concurrent events, rises to the challenging and continues to serve as a good platform for communication in the fenestration industry.


It's the first time that ALOUVY attends FC. It is a mature exhibition and have a large exhibiting area. We brought new products to FC 2016 and are strengthening the connection with our clients. We appreciate all the good services from the organizing committee and believe that Fenestration China will be more successful in the future.


First of all, Veka would like to express our appreciation for the good
service and hard work from the organizer
Beijing International Union-Expo. It is through participating in this exhibition and its concurrent events that Veka sees that system windows are developing from a concept to a set of practical technologies. Veka believes that system windows industry will rise soon and gain a large popularity. Best wishes to Fenestration China 2017. We are looking forward to it


As a huge fan of FC, we have been with FC all the way from the start. FC is a grand event for the fenestration industry. It provides us with the opportunities to communicate with a large number of professional insiders, and is full of new thoughts, achievements and information of the industry. Best wishes to FC and all the exhibitors.

—— Hangzhou Zhijiang Silicone Chemicals CO.,Ltd.

Fenestration China 2016 created a great exchange platform for us. We are working hard to create a low-carbon environment and promote the development of the fenestration industry in China.

——Tianjin GSG Energy conservation Glass Co., Ltd.

Fenestration China 2016, a 4-day exhibition held from Nov.9th-12th, was a great success for CIVRO. We are glad to say that we drew much attention from the visitors, experts and industry leaders, and have built further relationship with our clients. The great results we achieved in FC 2016 have laid a good foundation for our future development.

——CIVRO Curtain Walls, Doors and Windows System Co., Ltd.

3.Fenestration China Visitors 

Fenestration China 2016 has 80,576 visits, including 5,236 international visits. 

3.1 Visitor Category

•Fabricators, with a steady proportion, continue to be the largest group of FC visitors.
•The number of distributors and agents, listed as the second largest group of visitors this year, has a significant increase, rising by 9 percentage points compared with that of the last year.

3.2 Regional Distribution of Chinese Visitors

•North China: As the base of FC 2016,North China is the largest source of FC visitors, and is also China’s major market for high-performance windows and doors products.
•East China: East China is the second largest source of FC visitors, showing the influence of Fenestration China 2016 in this area.  

3.3 Regional Distribution of International Visitors
There are 5,236 international visits in Fenestration China 2016. The number of visits from South Asia, Southeast Asia and Middle East has a great growth this year. 

3.4 Visitors' Purposes 

A vast majority of visitors came here to look for new business partners and make contacts with industry insiders. According to the feedbacks, most of them were satisfied with the exhibition.

Visitors’ Comments

This is the third time I visited Fenestration China. I came here to find product suppliers. I've seen many good products and I like them. What's more important, through visiting FC, I can communicate with the product suppliers directly.

——Queensland Glass                                        

Fenestration China is a leading exhibition in China in terms of exhibiting area and exhibits' quality. I saw many new windows and doors products in FC 2016. It is a pity that our design colleagues were not available to visit FC. I'm sure they are definitely interested in all these exhibits. I'm glad I was invited to watch several window installation demonstrations, and I learned a lot about prefabricated buildings through visiting FC. Hope Fenestration China will be more successful.


It is my first time to visit Fenestration China. I have learned more than I expected. During the 4 days, I saw many new products and met a lot of industry insiders. It was a great experience.

——Zhejiang Shengkai Curtain Wall Decoration Co. Ltd.

I am very satisfied with the products displayed in the exhibition. I came to visit FC when it was first held in 2003, and I think I've witnessed its growing. As an old friend of Fenestration China, I sincerely hope that it will have a bright future.


The exhibition has a lot of great products and gives us the opportunity to find out both our potential customers and supply partners.


FC 2016 gives me a good impression. I feel like that FC is full of business opportunities. I'm sure FC is a very good platform for international window companies that plan to expand the China market.

——Atlas Aluminum

After visiting Fenestration China 2016, I told myself that I was fortunate to see many window and doors with high quality, and system windows and doors with great design. I like all the new products exhibited in FC 2016.

——Jimu Building Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.J19

In addition to a diversity of exhibits, FC 2016 also offered us great events. It is a festival for the window industry in China.

——China Academy of Building Research

4. Featured Events

4.1 Fenestration Days China 2016
Asia’s top-class technical exchange platform for the fenestration industry
Time: Nov.7th -8th, 2016
Location: RM W201 at China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), Beijing
Theme: Minds on Changes• Path of Reform on the Supply Side for Fenestration Industry


•During the past 14 years, Fenestration Days China has always been devoted to set the trends of fenestration technologies in Asia. This year, FDC 2016 covered the hotspots in fenestration industry, including system windows, the application of windows and doors in prefabricated buildings, modeling and simulation of BIM technology.
•19 domestic and international market leaders and experts in fenestration industry offered their solutions that adapt to China. 
•396 technicians in the fenestration industry attended this forum, and most of them were the leaders of the technical departments of their companies. 90% of the attendees expressed their positive feedback on this forum.

Audience Category

4.2 Talk to Distributors Forum 2016
Time: 09:00-12:30, Nov.10th, 2016
Location: RM W201 at China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), Beijing
Theme: Marketing and Business Models of Window Companies


•As one of the innovative events of FC 2016, Talk to Distributors Forum 2016, designed to connect manufacturers with sales terminals, was specially held for the distributors in fenestration industry. 
•In this forum, 3 entrepreneurs from leading window companies and 1 distributor representative shared their successful business models in window retail market. Besides, this forum also invited a famous marketing master to share practical skills of how to make marketing strategies.
•A total of 345 distributors from all over China attended this forum and expressed their satisfaction with this forum.

Audience Category

4.3 Talk to Architects 2016 

Time: 09:00-17:30, Nov. 11th, 2016
Location: RM W201 at China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), Beijing
Theme: Design and Operation of Non-Linear Architectural Skins


• Focusing on Case studies of the latest representative buildings in China, including Beijing New Airport, Phoenix Media and China Zun.
• 11 top architects in China shared their ideas and solutions for the Design and Operation of Non-Linear Architectural Skins
• As one of the most influential platform for architects in China, this forum attracted 597 professionals in architecture or related fields to participate in. 

Audience Category

4.4 Talk to Realtors Forum 2016

Time: 12:00—18:00, Nov. 9th, 2016
Location: Crowne Plaza, Beijing
Theme: The Application & System Solutions of Windows and Doors in Prefabricated Buildings


•Focusing on the Application & System Solutions of Windows and Doors in Prefabricated Buildings
•Serving as a great platform to connect the real estate developers and windoor enterprises.
•Attracting 382 professionals in both real estate and fenestration industry in China 

Audience Category

4.5 Match Making Meeting - Realtors and Window Suppliers

Time: Nov. 10th, 2016
Location:VIP Lounge at China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), Beijing

•Exactly matching 20 real estate enterprises having procurement demands of windows and doors with 43 windows and doors companies meeting the demands
•Face-to-face business negotiation between the real estate enterprises and window companies 

4.6 Onsite Window Installation Demonstration

Time: Nov.9th-12th, 2016
Location: China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), Beijing

•Installation skill teaching: technicians from 7 famous domestic and international windoor enterprises taught visitors how to install windows and doors correctly.
•Mutual communication: installation technicians’ question and answer session with their visitors. 

4.7 The 2nd FC Awards Ceremony
Time: Nov. 10th, 2016
Location: Crowne Plaza, Beijing


•The FC Awards is regarded as the most authoritative awards in China’s fenestration industry, and 274 domestic and international window and door enterprises were nominated for a total of 9 current categories of FC awards for brands, enterprises, products, projects and characters. 
•400 leaders from the most influential fenestration enterprises attended the FC Awards Ceremony, and a total of 96 winners of the 9 categories accepted the awards, making it a glory night for fenestration industry.

5.About FC 2017

Fenestration China 2017
Date: Nov.7th-10th, 2017
Venue:Shanghai New International Expo Center

Marketing Department of Beijing International UnionExpo Co., Ltd.
Ms. Amber Huang / Johanna Hou/ Emily Zhang
Tel: +86-10-84719678/ 84713631 / 84718166
Email: amber.huang@unexpo.com.cn/ johanna.hou@unexpo.com.cn/ emily.zhang@unexpo.com.cn