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How to Seize the New Market Opportunitiesfor Fenestration Enterprises Under Economic New Norm in China?

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After decades of high speed growth, China’s economy has entered into a New Normal State, making a transition from high speed growth to a medium speed of stable growth and the economic structure will have in depth optimization and upgrading, especially to the real estate industry ,thus make an significant influence to the fenestration enterprises of the whole product chains.

New energy-efficiency policy calls for better energy-saving performance windows 
At present, the energy consumption per building area unit is over 2-3 times that of developed countries overseas, which has become a black hole of the total energy consumption of the country. In addition, windows and doors accounted for the largest proportion of such energy consumption, 45-50% of the total in buildings.

In the year of 2013, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has promulgated Action Plan for Green Buildings on the government level, and amajority of provinces and cities have enacted relevant green policies and regulations as well. Even the K value of the windows isclearly listed in the new policy of some provinces.

In addition, difference provinces made different plans and regulations because of the difference economic level, location and weather in China. It can be estimated that North China, Northeast China, Southwest China and East China are the largest increasing market in the next 5 years.

Increasing awareness and consumer lever drive the rise of the high- quality windows
It can be say that real estate developers has entered into the “Silver Stage” in china, since multiple control measures at a depth have gradually driven the market to return to rationality. The consuming market will increasingly shift from demand oriented to improvement oriented and the green buildings of high quality, environmentally friendliness and energy efficiency will be an inevitable path for differentiated competition for real estate companies in the future.

According to the forecast by NieMeisheng, the founding president of China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce: the real estate industry will maintain its growth in the future and the growth rate will be consistent with that of GDP. It is statisted that the existing building area in China has totaled 60 billion sqm, and most has entered into a period in need of replacement. Calculating by 20% of windows, it is imaginable of how huge the market space for renewing windows and doors market is.

How the big Names seize the NewMarket Opportunities?
At a critical year, enterprises need to make breakthroughs and innovations, and whoever opens up its mind, dares innovation will get an upper hand in snatching up opportunities!Therefore, a platform for the communication, exchange and showcasing for these innovators within industry become more and more necessary. 

Fenestration China, the  Asia’s No.1 and World’s No.2 professional complex in fenestration industry with an history of 13years, which consists of exhibition, conferences and concurrent events, is the priority choice of over 500 domestic and overseas quality brands of windows, doors and curtain wall , including Schüco, Aluk, YKK, Hueck, GEZE, Technorform , Alcoa , Schenkers, Roto, Emmegi,Fom , SIEGENIA AUBI, Veka, Kommerling etc. 

It is said that Fenestration China 2016 is to he held on Nov.9-12th at China international exhibition center (New Venue), Beijing and nearly 90% of the booths has been booked out.

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