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System Windows and Doors-The Most Promising Market in China in the Next Decade

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System windows and doors is a term unique to China. In Europe, windows and doors are always produced in a systematic manner as all European countries have extremely high standards of fenestration energy efficiency and it is impossible for simply assembled windows and doors to meet those standards. Hence, almost all windows and doors enterprises in Europe are actually System windows and doors manufacturers. In China, however, assembly is the most widely seen production method of windows and doors. With energy efficiency policies introduced frequently since 2013, system windows and doors has become gone viral in the Chinese market. In the next decade, the market share of system windows and doors is projected by some experts to rocket to 30% from 0.5% at present, which is bound to create a trillion yuan worth of market.

From Project Contracting to Retail—A Radical Change Happening to the

Chinese Fenestration Market 

The golden decade of the Chinese housing market has bred a fenestration market of poor quality and low pricing, a nightmare for European enterprises that value technical expertise. Whatever technologies one has, no one can possibly make a window with K value up to 1.8 at the cost of RMB300 per square meter! Being cheap was the only thing house developers cared about in the past. The year of 2015 witnessed the beginning of the first wave of fenestration replacement demand in China. A huge number of windows and doors installed in the 1990s are very dilapidated and the replacement demand of the mass market is more than doubling. Moreover, the well-educated post-1980s and post-1990s are becoming the mainstream consumer population. They have a stronger desire for quality life and a more discerning eye for premium products than any previous generations. For this reason, almost all upmarket fenestration enterprises are going to shift their focus from the project contracting market to the retail market. To name a few, Schueco opened its first technology experience center beside Metro Line 11, Shanghai. Shunda, a China-based fenestration giant, founded a windows and doors museum years ago. The awareness and consumption habit of fenestration among the mass Chinese people are in the making.

Unique System Windows and doors Models—System Only, Profile Products +

System and windows and doors + System

The Chinese market is dominated by three typical system fenestration business models: 1. Independent system suppliers. The majorities of them are R&D-oriented enterprises and boast a robust R&D and technical support system, with the abilities to impart a whole set of technologies and management methodologies to fenestration processing enterprises. Representatives: Schueco, YKK 2. Materials suppliers evolving into system suppliers. They are all materials suppliers and develop systems primarily for the purpose of selling some materials or parts made by them, for example, profile products or hardware. Representatives: ROTO-ROTOI Giesse-GOS Shide 3. Windows and doors enterprises evolving into system suppliers. They mainly sold assembled windows and doors in the past but are committed to system R&D now. Representatives: Joydon Jiayu

Technology Gap—Business Opportunity for European Enterprises

Taking into account the abovementioned three business models combined, there are perhaps no more than 100 system fenestration enterprises in China. How is that possible to cater to the demand of a trillion yuan worth of market? As a matter of fact, there are nearly 40,000 windows and doors processing enterprises in China and all of them are starved of technical knowhow. This undoubtedly opens a window of opportunity for European enterprises adept at system export. European fenestration enterprises will be able to establish brand recognition and tap into the market quickly with the help of the existing client base built by the latter if they successfully nurture partnership with those standouts.

Fenestration China 2016, the largest fenestration trade fair in Asia, will be held at China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), Beijing between 9 and 12 November 2016. International system fenestration enterprises, including YKK, Aluk, Wicona, Hueck and ROTOi, and Chinese system fenestration players like Joydon, CIVRO, Jiayu, Ledao, Huachang, Weiye, Huajian and Jingang, will occupy half of the exhibition space and debut with their latest products and innovative sales strategies. Meanwhile, more than ten thousands of fenestration processing enterprises will be present to seek technical solutions.

It will be a watershed event in the evolution of the Chinese fenestration market towards the higher end.

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