Agenda 论坛日程

Please note this is a preliminary agenda. Changes may occur!

Time : Jan.18th, 2017

Subject : Time Schedule

11 Dr. Xiaofeng Shen SuP Ingenieure GmbH
12 Pro. Hongtao Wang Engineering Fenestration Technology Research Center in CABR Subject of Speech
Energy-Saving & Green Buildings Opportunities and Challenges in Chinese Market
12 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Jager ai3 Company Subject of Speech
Energy Consumption and Building Performance
12 Mr. Hannes Spiss NorthGlass Europe, London Subject of Speech
Adding Value Through Window and Facade
Design – Comfort, Safety, Energy-Saving Concepts
12 Mr. Ferdinand Bebber Technoform Group Germany Subject of Speech
Energy-saving Requirements and
Technological Path of Building Envelope In Europe
12 Mr. Hagen Weber Raico Bautechnik GmbH Subject of Speech
Aluminum Windows as Key Elements for
Passive and Plus Energy House Demands
12 Dipl.-Ing. Philipp Müller WICONA Subject of Speech
Energy Efficient Buildings - Contribution of an Alumunium System House along the Evolution of Standards
12 DI Helmut Schöberl Schöberl & Pöll GmbH Subject of Speech
Case Studies on Green Buildings – China’s First Certified Passive House Office Building and the First
Plus Energy Office High-rise Building Worldwide