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    TDBS拥有自己的先进制造设备,技术以及熟练的技术人员,并有着20年的生产特殊轴承,滑动门系统的经验。所有产品以其良好的品质以及最合理的价格闻名,并广泛使用于滑动门、折叠门、厨门、衣柜、电梯、传送机等。产品大部分出口至德国、意大利、瑞典、波兰、土耳其、西班牙、法国、巴西等,每年大概数量为25,000,000套。测试标准为DIN EN 13126-15(建筑门窗滑轮耐久测试)和DIN EN 15706(家具五金滑动门耐久测试)。
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    TDBS bearing CO., LTD. is an enterprise which has a professional production and designs special bearing, furniture hardware pulley, building hardware pulley and sliding door system
    TDBS have their own advanced manufacturing equipment, technology and skilled technical personnel, and has 20 years of production special bearing, sliding door system of experience. All products with its good quality and the most reasonable price famous, and widely used in sliding door, folding door, kitchen door, chest, elevators, transfer machine, etc. Most of the products exported to Germany, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Turkey, Spain, France, Brazil and so on, each year about export quantity is 25000000 sets. Test standard is DIN EN 13126-15 (for building doors and Windows pulley endurance testing) and DIN EN 15706 (for furniture hardware sliding door endurance test).